Saturday, April 3, 2010

Highlights and mishaps

Wedding highlights:

Shopping for the reception decorations

Pre-wedding pampering (massages, nails, facials etc)

The Friday night dinner where we were able to catch up with everyone before the wedding

Getting ready with the girls, who all looked gorgeous

My mum having her hair and make-up done for the first time

Walking down the sand to meet Nick

Having photos taken together after the ceremony (the only time we spent 'alone' that day)

The reception looking exactly as I'd pictured it

Everyone looking so fabulous

The speeches

The dancing, oh how we danced!

The romance/random pashes amongst wedding guests

Hearing the music from our reception outside the place we were staying (200m away) at 3:30am - thank goodness none of the neighbours called the cops on us!

Wedding mishaps:

This dog crashing our ceremony:
Being bitten on the foot by a huge ant while we were having our photos taken. Champagne does not lessen the sting, though alcohol does make one forget the pain. Anti-histamines I took on the Monday after the wedding finally bought the swelling down.

Running out of champagne, getting more, only to find the rest at the back of the cool room

My 8 year old cousin fell down the stairs and had to leave early, he's ok now

Rain closed our 'photobooth' but wasn't too heavy not to be able to use the balconies.

All in all, not many mishaps, mainly good times

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