Saturday, February 27, 2010

Prep never ends

We have had a big two weeks! As soon as one thing is off the list 10 more jump on.

Nick has a suit
I have a hair accessory and a cardigan thing for when it gets cold
The best men have suits
The flower girl has a dress
All the bridesmaids have dresses
We have decorations
The florist has been given the vases
We have vows written (only a tiny part of the wedding)
We have sound equipment for the guitarist to use on the beach
Macaroons are ordered
Party hire tables, plates etc. is ordered.
Booze purchases have begun.
Cool room ordered

Our storage shed has been emptied and all our things moved to the beach house to save a little money over the next year - as with changing jobs, I also wouldn't recommend moving at the same time as having a wedding.

Still to do:

Type up vows & give to celebrant
Go to Apollo Bay
Set up new furniture
Decorate the place
Refine the party hire list
Drop off more vases at the florist
Tunes/Create Playlist
Buy oysters
Make the rest of the paper flowers
Bond form for accommodation

We hadn't, as yet, come across a wedding where the guys wore different suits. But I stumbled across this photo this morning and the guys look great.

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