Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding Designer?!

I don't think the wedding can go ahead without a 'wedding designer'

Photo from our engagement party


  1. so pretty! haha wedding designer.

    also can i just say... whats with 'engagement shoots'? am i alone in thinking thats weird?

  2. I hate 'engagement shoots'. They always look so fake and over posed.

    My favourite photographer, Jonas Peterson, hates them for this reason too, apart from the one's Max Wagner does, but I even hate them.

  3. THat is a great photo!

    I am also really anti the engagement shoots! I hate it when I am looking on a wedding blog and its engagement shoot after engagement shoot! Thats not going to help me with inspiration for my wedding.
    They are soo posey they make me cringe.. even the super stylish ones.
    And I also wonder how these girls convince their boyfriends to go along with it.. hell would freeze over before my FH would wear a gingham shirt, or pose on a bike or hold a balloon or do a fake picnic!!


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