Monday, October 5, 2009

Party, Party, Party

I have a feeling that the engagement party is a small taste of organisation, easing you into wedding preparation. Our party is coming up in under two weeks. We would have had it sooner, but Nick’s mum & her partner were overseas for a month and my parents were in WA, requiring a fair amount of time to drive their caravan to Alice Springs (my parents are currently living the grey nomad dream).

We decided to have the party out the back of Nick’s mum’s place. She has a lovely patio area and a large native garden, perfect for a party. Decorations will include numerous candles and fairy lights to illuminate the trees and yard. We are eagerly awaiting Kmart’s Christmas fairy light shipment. This would have to be the only year that I have been anticipating the arrival of Christmas decorations into the stores and lamenting that they haven’t come early enough!

Since this is an engagement party we wanted to do something a step above the usual backyard party. No one was interested in cooking lovely hors d'oeuvres, way too much work involved, we’d rather focus on backyard decoration and getting ourselves ready. Luckily there is a wonderful local catering company, Reality Bites Catering, who have taken up the challenge. We came across them at a gallery opening at Peta Appleyard Gallery. They make the most delicious food – yum!

Booze shopping has begun, picking up champagne for a bargain price last weekend. We’ll keep abreast of the specials this weekend & hopefully won’t need to pick up anything next weekend.

Nick’s mum’s back from her holidays & her partner arrives back next Monday. My parents arrive next Thursday. My brother and Nick’s sister arrive the Friday and then we’re set. Ready to party, once we’ve created a playlist.

Image: Jonas Peterson

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