Friday, October 9, 2009

Michelle & Matt - A Perfect Day

From the Bride:

I had always thought about how our wedding would be, I imagined it would be a small event at a vineyard, with a simple gown and we would relax on a lawn some where drinking wine all afternoon. While that does sound perfect, it did not end up being our perfect day.

Our day was bigger then expected, which was perfect as we had most of our family and friends there to share in our big event. All that stress about who could come, should come and would come meant nothing on the day. The people who were there on the day were the people who meant something to us. They were people who had been there since we were young, people who we had met a few years before and the people we loved.

My simple gown (that I had purchased 2 years before the wedding) at 1 year was no longer the perfect gown. I took my girlfriend 'just for a look' at a few bridal shops. I tried on many dresses, but this one had sparkles and lace and a removable train. It was by no means a simple dress. I showed my mum and my sister. They cried. It was 'the one'.

The location was not as green and lush as a vineyard, it was the sunburnt orange, purples and greens of the Alice Springs Desert Park. Relaxing, well maybe not as relaxing as I had dreamt. I was trying to catch up with all the out of towners and though that may have sound like a complaint just now - it was not. The fact that these people thought that Matt and I were special enough for them to come to the center of Australia still blows me away.

Most things were not as I had originally planned. At times this did result in me having a few little (I mean very little) temper tantrums. When I look back today, I can not think of one thing I would change in my day. Go with what ever happens, if it does't happen how you planned it, it was not meant to be.

Oh and the one thing that did not change the whole time I have been dreaming about my wedding day - was that man I was going to marry.

Images from Moving Pictures

Michelle & Matt would like to thank:

Madigans Function Room - Reception - Estelle Marshall

Moving Pictures - Photography - April & Dimity

Cakes for You - Cake - Angela

Alice Springs Desert Park - Ceremony - Jackie

Headlines - Hair - Janine

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