Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Engagement Party - This Saturday!!

The engagement party is looming. Saturday is coming closer and we are so excited!! A few surprise guests have arrived in town or declared that they will be arriving – very exciting! My parents will be here tomorrow and I am looking forward to picking them up from the airport and catching up on all their holiday travels.

Fairy light situation is sorted. Exotiq, a lovely Alice Springs homewares store, had pretty lantern fairy lights. I had admired them a few moths ago, so was pretty chuffed that they still had some in stock. Kmart is yet to receive their Christmas shipment, however Nick’s mum found some solar fairy lights in the garden section. Yep, you heard me, solar fairy lights, no annoying cord that runs awkwardly across your porch to the nearest powerpoint. They have a solar cell that you put in the sunlight to charge, then you can tuck it out of sight. No mess, no cord to trip over. Perfect for Alice Springs where the sun shines for 350 days a year. Not so perfect for places with no sunlight, but that’s not really our problem.

Jodi is booked to do my hair and makeup. I’ve also made a booking at Miss LuLu’s to have my nails done. Slightly worried about this one as I had to make it for the day before and am afraid that I’ll break a nail while setting up. Maybe I can pull my Christmas tree set-up stunt – each year I used to ‘direct’ the set up, telling my family what should go where from the comfort of the couch. Might not fly for engagement party set up.

Most importantly oodles of booze is currently stockpiled in our home. Baring the party, if all liqueur outlets in the Territory closed indefinitely tomorrow we’d have enough to last us for, well, at least the next week. Cheers!

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