Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brown Pin-Stripe Suits

Nick has been after vintage suits for the wedding, brown pinstripe if at all possible. A few days ago I came across this wedding at Green Wedding Shoes and low and behold, the groom had a brown, pin-stripe suit! The suits come from Frair Tux. While Frair Tux sell suits as well as hire they are in the US and it does seem a little hard. Do you know of anywhere in Australia that sells brown suits?

See more photos from this awesome wedding here


  1. Randomly there's a menswear shop in Broadway Shopping centre in Sydney that has brown men's suits that I've been eyeing off for ages. Give me a bell and I'll give you the details,


  2. Don't know if you still need this info but seem to have a nice brown suit and for a pretty nice price too. My F is looking for brown suits too... just have to be a little difficult don't they?!


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