Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photography Prize Winners!!

A few weeks ago we gathered an entourage and attended a Wedding Expo at Bluegrass Restaurant. It was a fun afternoon, sunny and warm, sitting out in the garden with some bubbles at Bluegrass. The expo was organised by Elements Studio, a relatively new Alice Springs photography Studio. Elements ran a number of door prizes, one being a $3200 photography package, including make-up for the bride. Guess who won? My lovely fiancĂ©, Nick! I don’t think I have ever won anything before*, what a place to start!

Nick was hesitant about having photography from the beginning. He hates the idea of being separated from the main party to take photos, you know where the bride and groom go off for three hours in the middle of the afternoon between the wedding and the reception, leaving the guests twiddling their thumbs for hours on end. He’d like great photos of our day, but not at the expense of hanging with our guests. I tend to agree and we have come to the realisation that some time apart from the guests may be necessary. The great photography blogs we’ve been trolling through have also helped change our minds. Maybe we can sneak away for an hour or so?

Jodi N came over last Wednesday night to run through the details of the prize and to tell (and show) us a bit more about Elements Studio. Their work is great and we are so happy that they will be a part of our day. There are all sorts of options that we can include in our package, such as a ‘trash the dress’ shoot after the day (Jodi mentioned Luna Park as a ‘trash the dress’ location and I think we’re hooked!) and make-up by Jodi F. It’s great that Elements are locals as it gives us the next few months to get to know them before our big day. If we’d gotten anyone from down south, as we were planning to do, we wouldn’t have had nearly as much time to get to know them.

Thanks to Elements Studio for their great prize!

Image: Nick at the Bluegrass Wedding Expo

*I guess I still technically haven’t won anything, but let’s not dwell on that

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