Monday, September 21, 2009

Frock shopping in the big city

Last week I met with a dressmaker here in Alice Springs. The meeting went really well. The dressmaker will be able to make a dress exactly how I’d like it, no pattern needed! She did extremely well, deciphering my ideas, considering the poor quality photos I ended up taking her. The dressmaker completely understood the look I am going for. I think I’m going to end up with a blend of three dresses. She’ll make it up in calico first (just like they did in old novels!) so we can see how it’s going to turn out and make any changes. It is so exciting that there is someone who can make the dress I want, rather than have to troll through numerous shops searching for the ‘perfect dress’.

On that note, I am heading to Melbourne this week to look for dresses, but as I am set on that ‘gracie’ look, I doubt I’ll find anything like it. There’s also further dis-incentive now that I know the dress I want can be made for me here in Alice Springs. It will be fun trying on all the other different dresses and seeing what else is available. I’m bringing one of my bridesmaid’s with me, having followed the advice of a wise bride, Terri Psiakis, ‘I advise taking one or two Brutally Honest people only…. You don’t have to take four bridesmaids because you’ve got four bridesmaids – they’re not your posse and you’re not in a bridal-themed episode of Entourage’ – That and my other bridesmaids live interstate, overseas or have recently given birth, all valid reasons to not come dress shopping. Anyway, with the dressmaker on board, I may end up shoe shopping instead!

Image from Once Wed, photography by Jose Villa

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