Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bride - sorted

I found my dress!! Collette Dinigan was the first store we went to. On the rack was a dress Id seen on the internet, however the model was 6ft with no curves and I thought that it would look like a tent on me and make me seem short and fat. Well, I tried it on anyway and it fit wonderfully! No tent, no fat. My curves give the dress shape, where as on the model it has none. I love it. So that was it. We walked in, I tried it on, loved it, had a few photos taken, then purchased it. Easy. Later in the day when looking for bridesmaids dresses I found some lovely bejewelled flats that perfectly match the dress. Done & done. The previous day I picked up a lovely frock for the engagement party. Brides clothing - sorted.

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  1. Snap! My dress is Collette Dinnigan as well.. But there isnt a picture of it on the internet for some reason.
    And I have to agree with you- I think all the girl modelling her bridal collection is a bit too skinny and angular to show off the dresses properly, they are womanly styles and they look better filled out a bit more


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