Monday, August 17, 2009

Setting a date

Setting a date seemed to me to be the most simple thing. We had gotten together at a Hoodoo Gurus concert on ANZAC Day (25th April) 2004. So holding the wedding on ANZAC Day 2010 seemed perfect. Also would mean less dates to remember. However, when we chose Apollo Bay as our location, an April wedding doesn’t cut it. The weather in Apollo Bay is nice and warm (by Alice Springs standards) for roughly 2 months of the year, February and March. We’ve been to the Apollo Bay Music Festival in late April and would have to say that gumboots would be the appropriate footware, accentuated with the biggest golf umbrella you could find. So April was out.

February was a safe bet weather wise until Nick’s sister mentioned that she’d be in Europe until the middle of February. Her birthday is also in the middle of February and it is only polite not to hold the wedding close to her birthday. How about the 27th of February? Nope, Apollo Bay sports clubs’ sports weekend.

March? When I mentioned March to my mum she said ‘Ben’s wedding is in March’. Oh I need to organise my wedding around Ben’s wedding?! Turns out my brother is Ben’s best man and we’d like my brother to be at our wedding. When pressed for more details my brother admitted that Ben didn’t have a date set yet, so we could sneak in first.

March 6th is looking good.

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