Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Ring

The proposal was sans ring. Nick had decided that it just didn’t seem right to shop for a ring without me! The day after the proposal was filled with returning cars to broken friends (Nick), haircuts (me), and preparation for the Flaming Lips gig, forcing exciting ring shopping to be postponed to Thursday.

After a hearty breakfast at Min Lokal, we happened to alight the tram just opposite Jan Logan and Georg Jensen. The jeweller/salesperson in Jan Logan was slightly daunting. They didn’t have much on display in the way of engagement rings and he explained that they usually made rings from your own design. I hadn’t really a clue of what I wanted and to be quite honest, I’m a very impatient person, I don’t think I could stand the wait while they made a ring. We had a quick look in Georg Jensen as they are a favourite of Nick’s (I like his jewellery but I don’t see the rings as engagement rings), then we headed to e.g.etal.

E.g.etal is a favourite gallery of mine in Flinders Lane, we found by chance one Sunday afternoon while exploring the many galleries along Flinders Lane. I had fancied numerous rings in this gallery and just had that feeling that I’d find something that I’d love. Of course we did. A beautiful square cut diamond designed by Melbourne artist, Amy Renshaw.

Within three hours of starting our search, we were seated at Modiva with champagne, oysters and the perfect ring.

PS. By Friday afternoon Nick had the perfect engagement present, a new mountain bike!

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