Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Party People

Who to invite? We’ve all been to those weddings where we haven’t been able to bring our partners because the couple ‘had to cut numbers somewhere’. Or the kids couldn’t come (no one under 17!). Or the groom couldn’t invite his mates because the bride had too many family members.

A number of our friends have kids and we couldn’t stand the thought of telling them their kids couldn’t come (plus we happen to like the kids). Also we don’t like the idea of ranking our friends into close and not close to ‘cut down on numbers’ (inside or outside the circle?).

Our solution is to have a less formal reception (formal clothes though), no sit down dinner, so that we can accommodate more people but have the reception still feel intimate. There will be plenty of food* and drink, just more of a cocktail affair. It also means that friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time won’t be stuck all night on a table on the opposite sides of the room.

The downside is that we now don’t have the ‘we had to cut down on numbers’ excuse when we’re faced with someone we'd prefer not to invite!

*I have a recurring nightmare that people won’t get enough food to eat and am entertaining the thought of midnight pizza deliveries or post ceremony/pre reception hot chips on the beach.

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