Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dress?

The dress I love is the J Crew ‘Gracie’ dress, bought to my attention by Joanna Goodard in her blog A Cup Of Jo. The dress is only available online. J Crew don’t ship to Australia, but, if I ask nicely, I’d be able to get it posted to Canada and have Nick’s mum pick it up when she’s there in September. J Crew have all measurements listed online for each size and they even have a petites range, with special measurements for us shorties. So why am I hesitant? I guess it’s because, after 29 years, I’m still not good at picking out what will suit me. I’ll try on an armful of clothes and come out with two things that fit right and flatter me. How do I know that this lovely style will suit me? I don’t, so best to keep my pennies and check out dresses in Melbourne. Please tell me any experiences you may have had buying clothes online….

1 comment:

  1. The dress is beautiful, I love the way it is elegant but still a bit slouchy and cool. perfect for a laid back beach wedding..

    You should try on similar styles in Oz before buying online! My online clothes buying has been produced mixed results! I probably wouldnt risk it for something as expensive as a wedding dress.. besides if you can go shopping in Melbourne you are bound to find something equally cool


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