Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reception inspiration from the Container Bar

I am pretty sure I have found the look and feel we want to have for the reception. Holding the wedding in Apollo Bay means that there is an excellent chance that it will rain. We have done our best to mitigate against this by holding the wedding at the beginning of March, but there is always that possibility. I didn’t like the idea of having a tent, as it encloses the space and you can’t see the stars, but I think that we will have to have one on the front lawn in case of rain. This morning I stumbled upon (via West Aussie Wedding) this reception held on a property at Yallingup, West Australia. This set up is perfect! The space invites you in and gives you an instant relaxed feel, yet it is also wedding fancy. I wasn’t quite sure how to decorate the tent since we aren’t having a sit down dinner. If we create something like this, it means people can have the option to sit down if they want, but there’s also plenty of room for dancing and socialising. This space has a certain Container Bar feel - I like it!

More pictures of this beautiful wedding can be found at Margaret River Photography

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Party People

Who to invite? We’ve all been to those weddings where we haven’t been able to bring our partners because the couple ‘had to cut numbers somewhere’. Or the kids couldn’t come (no one under 17!). Or the groom couldn’t invite his mates because the bride had too many family members.

A number of our friends have kids and we couldn’t stand the thought of telling them their kids couldn’t come (plus we happen to like the kids). Also we don’t like the idea of ranking our friends into close and not close to ‘cut down on numbers’ (inside or outside the circle?).

Our solution is to have a less formal reception (formal clothes though), no sit down dinner, so that we can accommodate more people but have the reception still feel intimate. There will be plenty of food* and drink, just more of a cocktail affair. It also means that friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time won’t be stuck all night on a table on the opposite sides of the room.

The downside is that we now don’t have the ‘we had to cut down on numbers’ excuse when we’re faced with someone we'd prefer not to invite!

*I have a recurring nightmare that people won’t get enough food to eat and am entertaining the thought of midnight pizza deliveries or post ceremony/pre reception hot chips on the beach.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vintage Vases

We love the mis-matched vases and bright yellow flowers in these pictures. Better start collecting the vases! (can probably leave the weird flower chicken alone!)

Picture via greylovesweddings

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dress?

The dress I love is the J Crew ‘Gracie’ dress, bought to my attention by Joanna Goodard in her blog A Cup Of Jo. The dress is only available online. J Crew don’t ship to Australia, but, if I ask nicely, I’d be able to get it posted to Canada and have Nick’s mum pick it up when she’s there in September. J Crew have all measurements listed online for each size and they even have a petites range, with special measurements for us shorties. So why am I hesitant? I guess it’s because, after 29 years, I’m still not good at picking out what will suit me. I’ll try on an armful of clothes and come out with two things that fit right and flatter me. How do I know that this lovely style will suit me? I don’t, so best to keep my pennies and check out dresses in Melbourne. Please tell me any experiences you may have had buying clothes online….

Setting a date

Setting a date seemed to me to be the most simple thing. We had gotten together at a Hoodoo Gurus concert on ANZAC Day (25th April) 2004. So holding the wedding on ANZAC Day 2010 seemed perfect. Also would mean less dates to remember. However, when we chose Apollo Bay as our location, an April wedding doesn’t cut it. The weather in Apollo Bay is nice and warm (by Alice Springs standards) for roughly 2 months of the year, February and March. We’ve been to the Apollo Bay Music Festival in late April and would have to say that gumboots would be the appropriate footware, accentuated with the biggest golf umbrella you could find. So April was out.

February was a safe bet weather wise until Nick’s sister mentioned that she’d be in Europe until the middle of February. Her birthday is also in the middle of February and it is only polite not to hold the wedding close to her birthday. How about the 27th of February? Nope, Apollo Bay sports clubs’ sports weekend.

March? When I mentioned March to my mum she said ‘Ben’s wedding is in March’. Oh I need to organise my wedding around Ben’s wedding?! Turns out my brother is Ben’s best man and we’d like my brother to be at our wedding. When pressed for more details my brother admitted that Ben didn’t have a date set yet, so we could sneak in first.

March 6th is looking good.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Levels of Fancy

Not long after we became engaged I purchased a few wedding magazines, mostly overseas issues that we couldn’t get in Alice Springs (ok, so we were still in Melbourne when this happened) and Nick started to worry, thinking that it was quite probable that I was envisioning a massive, fancy wedding. The nice guy he is would go the fancy wedding for me but wish that he had had something else.

Well, over the next week or so it became clear that I wasn’t planning some fancy shindig and that we are on the same page not only when it comes to location but also when it comes to levels of fancy. We stumbled across this fabulous garden wedding on greenweddingshoes and fell in love. This is exactly the fun, relaxed wedding we want to have. Sans moustache.

Photos from Jill Thomas Photography

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Location, Location

I had been imagining a wedding in Alice Springs, where we live and where most of our friends are. There are a few nice locations, such as the Lane (upstairs for reception), Olive Pink (for ceremony) and Ooraminna (for both). When I asked Nick about it (on the chairlift, not long after the proposal) he mentioned Apollo Bay.

We spent a lot of last ‘summer’ (I use the term loosely as it was cardigan weather and drizzly most days) at Apollo Bay. Nick’s family have a fabulous place there and I just love the beach. I’ll swim at any temperature. Nick mentioned that he’d love to have a barefoot ceremony on the beach. I thought that sounded lovely and so it will be, drizzle or no drizzle.

The Ring

The proposal was sans ring. Nick had decided that it just didn’t seem right to shop for a ring without me! The day after the proposal was filled with returning cars to broken friends (Nick), haircuts (me), and preparation for the Flaming Lips gig, forcing exciting ring shopping to be postponed to Thursday.

After a hearty breakfast at Min Lokal, we happened to alight the tram just opposite Jan Logan and Georg Jensen. The jeweller/salesperson in Jan Logan was slightly daunting. They didn’t have much on display in the way of engagement rings and he explained that they usually made rings from your own design. I hadn’t really a clue of what I wanted and to be quite honest, I’m a very impatient person, I don’t think I could stand the wait while they made a ring. We had a quick look in Georg Jensen as they are a favourite of Nick’s (I like his jewellery but I don’t see the rings as engagement rings), then we headed to e.g.etal.

E.g.etal is a favourite gallery of mine in Flinders Lane, we found by chance one Sunday afternoon while exploring the many galleries along Flinders Lane. I had fancied numerous rings in this gallery and just had that feeling that I’d find something that I’d love. Of course we did. A beautiful square cut diamond designed by Melbourne artist, Amy Renshaw.

Within three hours of starting our search, we were seated at Modiva with champagne, oysters and the perfect ring.

PS. By Friday afternoon Nick had the perfect engagement present, a new mountain bike!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surprise Proposal

Last Friday we headed to the big city. We spent Friday night in a cute Japanese restaurant in Fitzroy with some good friends, then it was an early start on Saturday morning to the ski slopes of Mt Buller. We had barely made it onto the Holden Lift when we received a call from a mate we were heading up the lift to meet. He had broken his wrist showing off on a run! The rest of the day was spent in and out of the Medical Centre, the staff were amazing and by early evening our mate was undergoing surgery in Melbourne.

The next few skiing days were uneventful until mid-morning Tuesday when, with some coaxing from Nick, I decided to attempt my second blue run. I had made it down my first on Sunday. Absolutely terrified at the steepness, it had ended in tears, though as Nick pointed out, I did make it to the bottom, without falling (there is something about skiing so slow that you barely move – prevents falling). ANYWAY we made it over to the start of Family Run and as I was fiddling with my poles Nick said that he would like me to make it down the run as his fiancĂ©e. Before I had a chance to register that he had dropped to one knee (snowboard on the other foot) and asked me to marry him!

I said yes. And I made it down the run - a lot easier than the one I attempted on Sunday. We skied the run a few more times then headed over to Snow Pony for some celebratory champagne.

Here's Nick with the lovely glasses of champagne created by the gorgeous staff at Snow Pony.

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