Sunday, December 20, 2009

High Tide

Anyone know when high tide is during the beginning of March?We may have a problem.......


The florist asked me to send her a few pictures of flowers that were similar to what I'd like to have for the wedding. I know in my head what flowers I'd like, but it's hard to put into words or find pictures of exactly what I'd like. Basically I'd like something that looks a little wildflowerey and I'm not set on any particular flowers. Here's the pictures I sent:

Image via Ruffled

Image via Polkadot Bride

Image found on a Tumblr with no image credit

Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo line

We love the idea of a washing line of photos of us over our years together - so cute!
via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Tec Petaja

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet Flowers

How sweet are these flowers?
I'm starting to pull together pictures of flowers for the florist, but it is difficult to narrow down exactly what I want.

Image: Cristi Dame Photography - see more of this wedding on Cristi's Blog Looking through the lens of Cristi Dame

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wedding Magazines

Yes, I have collected a number of wedding magazines over the last few months. After the purchase of the last lot Nick asked 'Why do you buy those when you hate all of the weddings in them?' touche touche. Well, I don't hate all of the weddings, just most of the ones in the Australian mags. They tend to be really formal, stuffy occasions. Not anything like what we are going to have. The best mags for inspiration for us have been CosmoBride UK, InStyle Weddings US and Martha Stewart Weddings.

CosmoBride UK Aug/Sep 2009

However, the Aussie mags aren't all bad, here is a clip from CosmoBride Aus that I love...
Beach with parasols - CosmoBride Aus Spring/Summer 09

Blue shoes! - InStyle Weddings US

Mexican Flags - Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 09

Friday, November 27, 2009

More Invite Inspiration

How fabulous are these invitations? Would you believe that the Bride, Jess, made them at home? Jess' not a graphic designer or any other crafty type, she's a lawyer and she made these wonderful invites at home using a Gocco printer. Amazing.
Check out Jess' blog fig & plum for all the details on how she made the invites. Jess also gives a helpful checklist to help you determine whether or not printing your own invites is for you (I ticked yes to all the why it's not statements). AND would you believe Jess also made tote bags for all out of town guests, coasters and CD covers! I am starting to doubt Jess' uncrafty claims - she's very talented.

Pictures from Jess' wedding can be found here on Brooklyn Bride.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lebanese Wedding Customs - Best Man

Did you know that it is customary for the Best Man to pay the priest? Not to sure if it means that the best man has to shell out for the priest or not? But that would be nice - for the people getting married, not too nice for the best man.
Other duties include sitting beside the best man, eating, drinking and having fun. Also involvement in any cake cutting.

Image: Photography - Red Heart Photo via Rock 'n' Roll Bride

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Invitation Inspiration

How cute are these invites? Complete with email or phone RSVP and a map to all the celebration spots....

Found on
100 Layer Cake
Invitations made by Amanda Phillips

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's like rain on your wedding day

Apollo Bay is not generally known for its warm weather. Rain is almost always a possibility when you’re visiting there and though our wedding will be at the beginning of March, nothing is certain where weather is concerned. A while ago I saw this wedding photo on Smitten and thought it was most lovely, the cute gum boots and umbrella not stopping the wedding.

Today I came across this wedding by photographers Comfort Studio on the blog BridalHood. It poured down on the day of their beach wedding, but a little rain wasn't going to spoil the day. Everyone got soaked, even the bride, making for a fun, memorable day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


How fabulous is this cake?! We love it! Now we just have to find someone in Melbourne to make it for us and who'll deliver to Apollo Bay.

Image via Vorpal Images (Photograph by Kenneth Benjamin Reed, Post processing by Alicia Mariah Elfving, copyright Vorpal Images 2008.)
Cake first seen on Rock 'n' Roll Bride

Friday, November 13, 2009

Invitation Inspiration

March is fast approaching and we have just started looking at invitation designs. Apparently you only need to send out the invitations two months before the wedding, but as ours is out of town, there's Christmas in between & we'll be leaving for a month from the beginning of February, it's best to get them out now. Green Wedding Shoes has been a fabulous source of inspiration for the invites, which Nick will be designing. Here are a few of our favourites.....

Invitations created by Anne Benjamin of Mok Duk, featured on Green Wedding Shoes here

Invites designed by Katie Kirk, featured on Green Wedding Shoes here

I love that this RSVP card has 'Gladly Decline' as an option!
Designed by the bride, Lauren and featured on Green Wedding Shoes here

The bride, Hannah, designed the invites - image from Once Wed

Friday, November 6, 2009

Beach Wedding

Cute wedding from Steep Street Musings by Kelty

I love Kelty's blog you should check it out for more wonderful photos

Bridesmaids dresses

The dress arrived! They're perfect! Maticevski Sweethearts from Myer. Starting to doubt whether I should have posted a photo, they look much better on....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brown Pin-Stripe Suits

Nick has been after vintage suits for the wedding, brown pinstripe if at all possible. A few days ago I came across this wedding at Green Wedding Shoes and low and behold, the groom had a brown, pin-stripe suit! The suits come from Frair Tux. While Frair Tux sell suits as well as hire they are in the US and it does seem a little hard. Do you know of anywhere in Australia that sells brown suits?

See more photos from this awesome wedding here

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bridesmaids' dresses

As I am up here in Alice Springs and will unlikely be able to make it to a major city and have time to look at dresses, one of my amazing bridesmaids has been looking for bridesmaids dresses for me. Last week she emailed me photos of four different dresses. She said it was quite a challenge to find dresses that were in pastel colours rather than really bright or black. There were a few pinky/corally colour dresses, but as one of by bridesmaid’s has red hair, these weren’t an option. One dress was quite unusual, white, with a sash overlay of three different colours. It was really pretty and looked great on, but white would have looked off against my ivory dress. The last dress she found was strapless, with an almost A-line shape and a few pleats extending from just under the boobline. It looked perfect without even being on anyone – looks even better on. The colour is a bluish green. One of the dresses is being posted to me and I can’t wait to see it!! I am so thankful to her for all her hard work. It feels great to have this aspect of the wedding sorted out.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Party People

The photos I posted previously seem to be lacking one thing - the other people that made our party a party. So here are just a few...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Learning about Lebanese Wedding Customs

Did you know that in Lebanon close relatives of the engaged couple give jewelry as an engagement gift? Neither did we. Nick received the most awesome wedding bling (a chunky silver bracelet) from one of his Lebanese uncles. Accompanied by a pair of champagne glasses, possibly as a nod to Aussie engagement present tradition.

It did start me wondering about other Lebanese wedding traditions. This may have to be my new research project once my post-grad studies end in November.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Engagement Party!!

The party was a huge success! Nick keeps saying that 'now we're officially engaged'. Nothing's official until there's been a big party to celebrate. The night ended up being fairly cool, and we were able to light the fire for possibly the last time this year.

My dress - Alannah Hill
Nick's suit - Ben Sherman
My hair & Make-up - Jodi F from Elements Studio

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Engagement Party - This Saturday!!

The engagement party is looming. Saturday is coming closer and we are so excited!! A few surprise guests have arrived in town or declared that they will be arriving – very exciting! My parents will be here tomorrow and I am looking forward to picking them up from the airport and catching up on all their holiday travels.

Fairy light situation is sorted. Exotiq, a lovely Alice Springs homewares store, had pretty lantern fairy lights. I had admired them a few moths ago, so was pretty chuffed that they still had some in stock. Kmart is yet to receive their Christmas shipment, however Nick’s mum found some solar fairy lights in the garden section. Yep, you heard me, solar fairy lights, no annoying cord that runs awkwardly across your porch to the nearest powerpoint. They have a solar cell that you put in the sunlight to charge, then you can tuck it out of sight. No mess, no cord to trip over. Perfect for Alice Springs where the sun shines for 350 days a year. Not so perfect for places with no sunlight, but that’s not really our problem.

Jodi is booked to do my hair and makeup. I’ve also made a booking at Miss LuLu’s to have my nails done. Slightly worried about this one as I had to make it for the day before and am afraid that I’ll break a nail while setting up. Maybe I can pull my Christmas tree set-up stunt – each year I used to ‘direct’ the set up, telling my family what should go where from the comfort of the couch. Might not fly for engagement party set up.

Most importantly oodles of booze is currently stockpiled in our home. Baring the party, if all liqueur outlets in the Territory closed indefinitely tomorrow we’d have enough to last us for, well, at least the next week. Cheers!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Michelle & Matt - A Perfect Day

From the Bride:

I had always thought about how our wedding would be, I imagined it would be a small event at a vineyard, with a simple gown and we would relax on a lawn some where drinking wine all afternoon. While that does sound perfect, it did not end up being our perfect day.

Our day was bigger then expected, which was perfect as we had most of our family and friends there to share in our big event. All that stress about who could come, should come and would come meant nothing on the day. The people who were there on the day were the people who meant something to us. They were people who had been there since we were young, people who we had met a few years before and the people we loved.

My simple gown (that I had purchased 2 years before the wedding) at 1 year was no longer the perfect gown. I took my girlfriend 'just for a look' at a few bridal shops. I tried on many dresses, but this one had sparkles and lace and a removable train. It was by no means a simple dress. I showed my mum and my sister. They cried. It was 'the one'.

The location was not as green and lush as a vineyard, it was the sunburnt orange, purples and greens of the Alice Springs Desert Park. Relaxing, well maybe not as relaxing as I had dreamt. I was trying to catch up with all the out of towners and though that may have sound like a complaint just now - it was not. The fact that these people thought that Matt and I were special enough for them to come to the center of Australia still blows me away.

Most things were not as I had originally planned. At times this did result in me having a few little (I mean very little) temper tantrums. When I look back today, I can not think of one thing I would change in my day. Go with what ever happens, if it does't happen how you planned it, it was not meant to be.

Oh and the one thing that did not change the whole time I have been dreaming about my wedding day - was that man I was going to marry.

Images from Moving Pictures

Michelle & Matt would like to thank:

Madigans Function Room - Reception - Estelle Marshall

Moving Pictures - Photography - April & Dimity

Cakes for You - Cake - Angela

Alice Springs Desert Park - Ceremony - Jackie

Headlines - Hair - Janine

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